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30.01.2023 14:04

[2. Економічні науки]

Автор: S.A. Kharin, Professor of the Department of Management, Dnipro University of Technology, Ukraine

The most important problem of the modern world economy is the energy problem. The modern economy requires more and more energy. The geography of energy consumers is expanding. Nowadays, more and more energy is required where there was almost no such need before. In countries where there was previously a high demand for energy, there is an increase in its consumption, as in winter. As well as during the summer. Increasing energy production is difficult. Its production causes damage to nature in many cases, increases the temperature of the atmosphere.

The most acute problem of the energy industry is obtaining primary electrical energy, in the context of decarbonization, obtaining such energy without the emission of carbon dioxide or with the minimum possible emission. But at the same time, it has been reliably established that currently it is not possible to obtain the amount of energy that fully satisfies the needs of mankind, only by ecological methods or by means close to this concept.

Quite large amounts of electricity are provided today by nuclear plants, which do not emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, but have a number of negative properties - their danger, in the event of accidents, earthquakes, floods, can be extremely high. In addition, the raw materials used in the process of their processing, transformation into fuel, as well as spent fuel require special circulation, which is very expensive. In addition, reserves of raw materials for nuclear energy in the global sense are quite limited. 

Nuclear plants are located only in certain regions, usually in relatively developed countries, they cannot be built quickly and require highly qualified specialists and constant monitoring. However, in the period of steady increase in temperature on the planet and the need to fight this phenomenon, nuclear plants will probably remain an important source of electricity in the coming decades.

Wind power plants are already today a very important and, it seems, the most promising source of environmentally acceptable electricity.

Wind power plants are located both on land and at sea, in the latter case their energy efficiency is usually higher. Wind power plants have significantly less power compared to thermal power plants, depending on the force of the wind - this is their significant drawback. But, since they can be placed in many places, occupy almost no agricultural land, and can be of different power, are environmentally attractive, then, with a high probability, such power plants will develop most actively.

The capacity of large wind power plants can still be quite high, which confirms their prospects.

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