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23.01.2023 09:21

[2. Економічні науки]

Автор: Tetiana Chernysh, Ph.D. of economic sciences, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of Marketing State university of trade and economics, Kyiv

Today, marketing technologies permeate all spheres of life, including, of course, political activity. They have even become a key element of information wars, which now play a role no less important than actual battles on the battlefield. The struggle for dominance in a civilized society is in its essence little different from the law of the jungle. It's all the same - the strongest survives in the race - the one who is able to concentrate all the forces, tools of analysis and influence, who has mastered the art of successfully maneuvering in the «money-information-power» triangle, where each side complements the other and is inextricably interconnected.

Over the centuries, experience-tested methods of promotion to power, technologies of political bargaining and exchange have been developed. Virtuosos of political marketing appeared. In its practical implementation, political marketing has become not only a technology, but also a real art - it is a set of theories and methods by which leaders, authorities and political parties formulate their goals and gain support from the public.

Just as classical marketing grew out of the objective need of business to contact its consumers, political marketing is conditioned by the natural necessity of communication between the government and the people, the state and society. And therefore their meeting was inevitable.

In the last decade, a new approach was formed within the framework of marketing research - strategic product positioning. This technology allows the candidate (party) to correlate its image with the ideas of the electorate about the desired (acceptable) candidate, political power; compare your image with that of your opponent; to study the pros and cons of alternative positions; to choose those of them that most advantageously position the candidate (party) and, in the end, to win and take power into their own hands.

Entire research and professional groups of practitioners work on formulating the main characteristics of a candidate, bloc party, or political decision that are attractive to target groups, on defining its unique features, in order to win as a result, if not the love of millions, then at least mass support. Moreover, the positioning of such a political product takes place in two dimensions: both in the real political market and in the minds of voters. Success comes when the candidate's strategy maximally corresponds to the image that has already been qualitatively formed and evokes the full trust of citizens.

In modern pre-war Ukraine, political marketing was at a stage of rapid development and growth. Mass media, social networks, new achievements in the field of collecting large data sets, their analysis, sociology and psychology - have an increasing influence on the formation of human consciousness and people's behavior, and power institutions are becoming a powerful tool of influence.

Political marketing is impossible outside the information field - information is both its carrier and its goal.

What is the objective reason for such an active development and spread of political marketing in our time? First of all, it is due to the fact that in the modern information world, broad sections of the population take an active part in the political life of the country more than ever. If we look around, we will see that nowadays political parties and public associations are being created everywhere and continuously. There is a huge demand in society for the possibility of control and influence on the authorities, real democracy in action. Political marketing makes a great contribution to the development of any political association, shapes the image not only of individual politicians, but also of entire countries, alliances, and global associations. Thus, political marketing has already become an integral part of the media sphere and applied political science.

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