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26.08.2022 15:33

[1. Інформаційні системи і технології]

Автор: Романюк Андрій Миколайович, студент, Івано-Франківський національний технічний університет нафти і газу, м. Івано-Франківськ

Information and Communications Techonologies (ICT) play an important role in increasing productivity and efficiency in many sectors of the economy. With the expectation of high oil prices, the question arises as to whether increased production and more equitable distribution of useful oil and gas energy resources are possible, through the use of modern ICTs. This applies mostly to developing countries. Oil exporting countries try to maximize the advantages of using ICTs, while oil importing countries are interested in using oil and gas more effectively. Thus, determining the impact of ICTs in the oil and gas sector can be used to better access the future economic development of developing countries. ICTs provide a means to improve both upstream operations (crude oil production and exploration) and downstream operations (transportation, refining of crude-oil and distribution of oil products).

Oil companies in particular adopt ICTs to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their operations, as well as to aid management decision making. This helps to strenghten their competitive positions in rapidly changing environments. Environmental, organizational, and technological factors are creating a highly competitive business environment in which customers are the focal point. Furthermore, these factors can change very quickly. Thus, the growth of any company is tied to retaining loyal customers, improving productivity, reducing costs, increasing market share, and providing timely organizational response. ICT is a major tool for dealing with these issues. In order to succee in this dynamic environment, oil companies must undertake innovative activities such as improving operational processes and continuously reviewing competitive strategies. ICT has a high impact in oil and gas operations. For example, in upstream operations ICTs and related technologies may provide possibilities for expanding proven crude oil reserves, improving the rate of crude-oil extraction from existing wells, and providing further means to discover new wells.

Crude oil will continue to play an important role in the future world energy balance for decades to come. Improved use of ICTs and related technologies in the oil and gas sector can help to solve the current difficult situation regarding oil supply in the world energy market and thus achieve a more efficient use of existing oil resources. ICTs and related technologies can help to discover new oil reservoirs, with greater accuracy and also lead to more efficient oil extraction from existing fields. Consequently, oil and gas industry stakeholders should adopt a longer term strategic approach, including increased Research and Development efforts in the oil sector geared towards developing and implementing new and valuable ICT solutions for the oil and gas industry.


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