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29.04.2023 16:03

[2. Экономические науки]

Автор: Svitlana Makukhina, Senior Lecturer, Kherson State Agrarian and Economic University, Kherso

Gastronomic tourism is a bright, promising direction that allows us to look at any state through the prism of national culinary traditions. Development of gastronomic tourism has led to the creation of special firms that organize tours to get acquainted with foreign national cuisines. The most common form is the restaurant tour based on visiting famous restaurants in one or more countries. The countryside tour is a type of tour which involves temporary stay tourists in rural areas with the aim of tasting local cuisine and products produced in this region, and may also include participation in agricultural work. In “green” gastronomic tours offer picking wild berries in the forest, vegetables and fruits on farms, hunting for truffles or walking along wine-growing trails. Tasting of various national or regional dishes occupies an important place in ethno tours. Educational food tours include theoretical and practical classes, master classes and competitions. They are addressed to current or future professionals in the gastronomic field. Especially popular are festival gastronomic tours, which are based on the idea of glorifying food, a particular product or brand. Holiday programs include not only tasting, but also active consumption of the advertised product - cheese, wine, beer, sausages, etc. Such festivals originate from folk fairs, their peculiarity is a wide range of products offered and entertainment. 

The cuisine of the peoples of the world is diverse, and its distinctive features are associated with climate, natural conditions, food resources, religious traditions, and cultural contacts. and other factors. A culinary tour is a specially selected program of culinary recreation, including tasting of food and drinks, familiarization with technology and the process of their preparation, as well as training from professional chefs. Depending on the purpose of the trip, the tour may include all of the above, multiple activities, or one

certain segment of the culinary tour. 

To qualify as a “restaurant city”, a city must meet a number of criteria:

-the city should have a unique cuisine that determines the food culture;

-the status of the best restaurants should not be in doubt; the best restaurants in the city must really be the best in the world;

-there must be a certain number of restaurants of the highest quality in the city class, quality standards, decor and luxury of which are so high, as far as possible;

-individual restaurants that stand out for their quality and exclusivity cuisines, original menus or having the status of “the best”.

The target audience of gastronomic tours includes:

-tourists who want to join the culture of the country through its national cuisine;

-tourists with high requirements for food and refined taste. tourists using the culinary tour for the purpose of passing through training and obtaining professional skills (cooks, sommeliers, baristas, tasters, restaurateurs);

-representatives of travel agencies traveling for the purpose of studying this tourist destination.

It can be concluded that gastronomic tourism is a very popular type of tourism in the modern world. Gastronomic tourism allows a person through culinary tastings, learning cooking feel culture of a given country or region.


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